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- Port Cask - Tasmanian Single Malt -
- 2019 Single Malt Release - 
- 47% ABV -

Aged 4yrs in Portuguese sourced Port barrels, our Port Cask greets the nose with a stone fruit, red wine, buttery, sweetened spiced aroma.
A palate of red berried wines, dried dark fruit, hazelnut oak warmth with a touch of chocolate and heat.

This water of life tells a story, hence our Tasman Whisky is housed within in a gift box worthy of the high quality tomes of old, ready to be housed among your collection proudly. 

Our Story ;

At the edge of the Tasman Sea, where the old drovers hut Iron House once stood watchful, we’ve been carefully crafting our Single Malt Whisky’s over the last 4 years. Now finally ready to be unleashed, disgorged from the darkened corners of the bonding room and hand selected by Iron House Master Distiller, Michael Briggs, you will be treated to a full flavoured experience. 

In an age old tradition we have created our premium range of Whisky, our Spiritus Frumenti, for all to indulge in. TASMAN WHISKY is absolutely uncompromising and complex. Mindfully distilled within the confines of our copper still, it is the synergy between the purest malts, the pristine waters and the cleanest ocean air of Tasmania’s untainted East Coast that balance and mature our spirit perfectly.

Good whisky is naught but a lens. It is the drink for celebrating your best days and reflecting thoughtfully on your hardest. It’s a spirit that demands a careful and discerning approach.

It is our story, but it is your Whisky.
Tasman Whisky.

The Spirit of the East.