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Strange Omen Hopped Gin

Strange Omen Hopped Gin

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Strange Omen
- Hopped Gin -

Unique and unusual.
Juniper meet Hops.
Hops, meet Juniper.
A mix of the traditional and the extraordinary.
Created using our base spirit which is grown, harvested and then distilled at our East Coast Distillery, located facing the Tasman Sea on the pristine Island state of Tasmania, this artisan style Hopped Gin is a combination of the 9 botanicals which include locally sourced Tasmanian pepperberries and lemon myrtle, and the renowned Tasmanian hop.
We pass alcohol vapour through a mixture of juniper and hop, creating a perfectly dark fusion of flavours. Then the distiller invokes a silent prayer to the gods of gin, then we wait, as the secret distilling alchemy brings the taste to life. In distilling, as in all things, patience is the key.
What results from this dark witchcraft is our very own Strange Omen Hopped Gin, our classic Small Batch flavour with a delicate but rich hoppy nose and a long smooth finish.
A perfect merger of mythology and mixology.
ABV - 48%
Recommended with ;
  • a twist of lime or a wedge of orange
  • a big hoppy Red Ale, as a boiler maker
  • a traditional American Pale Ale, as a chaser

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